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Breast Cancer Care – Pink Friday

Breat Cancer Pink Ribbon

On Friday 23rd October 2009, the SES office team got the Pink Friday Feeling as part of the Breast Cancer month Awareness Campaign.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and one in nine women in the UK will develop the disease at some point in their lifetime. However, it is important to remember that more women than ever before are surviving breast cancer due to better awareness, better treatments and better screening.

Every 11 minutes someone will receive the devastating news that they have breast cancer. It’s a life threatening illness, with difficult invasive treatments, that has a huge emotional impact on the individual, their family and friends.

On the day pink cakes were sold, and “Guess the Pink Friday’s Girl” Quiz took place. Our neighbouring business joined in the fun and helped to boost the fund raising.

Well done to Alison who co-ordinated the whole event and persuaded everyone to part with a donation for this worthy cause.

The team managed to raise at healthy £60. Thank you to everyone who took part and donated.

For more information on Pink Friday’s visit