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Project Description

This project is for the Installation of Areva’s new generation VSC Demonstrator at Areva’s works in Stafford. VSC stands for Voltage Source Converter, and is used for the conversion of Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) which is used to link different electricity generating sources (The UK / France Cross Channel link uses this type of system).

The Installation includes the following;
• New Generation of AC-DC Convertor Valves
•Valve Primary Equipment –
o RC Filter Resistors & Capacitors
o Limb Reactors
o DC Earth Switch
o DC Resistive voltage dividers
• Fibre Optics
• Soft Start Resistors
• Coupling Reactors
• Protection and Control Panels
• High Frequency earthing
• Above & below ground earthing
• Multicore cables
• HV Cables

SES are providing a team who are trained and competent in confined space work, overhead crane usage also providing cable routing solutions and managing sub-contractors.

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