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    Thornton & Drax 400Kv Substation
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    National Grid

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Project Description

• Installation of NICAP Protection Panels and Module, multicore cables ( up to 2560 meters) and GPS Antenna
• Removal of redundant protection control panels and associated items
• Installation of a J4A marshalling kiosk at Thornton
• Removal of primary line traps and coupling equipment
• Installing High Frequency earthing
• Installation and testing of fibre optics
• Commissioning of NICAP protection
• Site supervision to co-ordinate site activities with ABB & National grid

Project Highlights

The Project at Thornton and Drax 400kV Substations is complete. All of the Multicore cables have been installed along with the GPS systems and fibre optic equipment on both sites also a J4A Marshalling Kiosk at Thornton. The Line-traps where removed in a safe yet speedy manor. The new protection panels and modules are installed and wiring complete. The new equipment was commissioned without any issues.

The Circuit went back to service on 26th Aug 2010, all work has been completed to schedule and inline with the customers programme.

Client Feedback

"we are wholly satisfied with the quality of workmanship, on time delivery and the H&S performance of SES" G Walters, ABB Site Manager