Installation & Commissioning Works

  • Clients

    Morrison Utility/South West Alliance
  • Locations

    Exeter 400kV Substation
  • End User

    National Grid

Services Provided

  • Installation

  • Site Management

  • Commissioning

  • Design

  • Health & Safety


Project Description

Exeter is a 400kV double busbar substation, with one bus section, one bus coupler, six feeders and two 400/7.9kV static compensator transformers, SVC3 and SCT5, each feeding a +150 MVAR/-75MVAR SCT and two 400/132kV supergrid transformers SGT1 and SGT4.

A new 400kV bay will be installed on the eastern side of the substation and the existing busbars extended. SVC3 will be disconnected from the current X350 bay and a 400kV cable will be installed to connect SVC3 into the new 400kV bay. The existing SVC3 bay will become SGT7 connecting to the spare bay in the 132kV substation.

SES Ltd are responsible for the Demolition, Removal, Installation, Site Management, Health and Safety, and Commissioning.

Project Highlights

The project ran safely and within budget, with all new equipment structures being installed in a timely manner. SES staff have been proactive in overcoming civil works setbacks, and shown flexibility with our client in order to keep the job to schedule and on budget.

Client Feedback

"SES site managers are keen to become fully integrated into the management of delivering each project and are sufficiently flexible to do what it takes to get the job done"

Lloyd Griffiths, South West Alliance