Installation, Dismantling & Replacement Works

  • Clients

    Mitsubishi/South West Alliance
  • Locations

    Taunton 400kV Substation
  • End User

    National Grid

Services Provided

  • Installation

  • Site Management

  • Commissioning

  • Design

  • Health & Safety


Project Description

This project was to replace the existing AT4ML circuit breakers at Taunton 400kV substation. Circuit breakers X105 and X205 (Alverdiscott - Indian Queens 1 and 2 circuits) will be replaced along with associated line CT's and CVT's.

SES Ltd were responsible for the removal of existing equipment, installation of new CB's, CT's, CVT's, busbars, earthing, multicore cables and protection upgrades.

Project Highlights

The project team have worked well within the time constraints and requirements of the client, principle contractor, main contractor and associated subcontractors. This is the first project to be successfully completed by the South West Alliance and is running safely, on time and to budget.

Client Feedback

"I have been impressed with the professionalism that SES has demonstrated on the numerous projects in the South West area with which it has been involved. The SES team has demonstrated a flexible approach in overcoming numerous challenges placed in their way, and have really striven to work with the overall site management team to deliver timely, safe and high quality projects."

Lloyd Griffiths, South West Alliance