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Project Description

Part of Whitfield Substation

• Supply, install, test and commission building services within the new 33kV switchgear building.
• Remove old protection and control panel and installation of new panels.
• HV cabling, laying and termination.
• Multicore cable, installation glanding and termination.
• Auxiliary equipment.
• Installation of 132kV equipment and 33kV busbars.
• Removal of redundant 33kV switchgear and associated structures.
• Commissioning of the new substation.

Project Highlights

So far the building services within the new 33kV switchgear building have been installed and commissioned. All of the old protection and control panels have been removed and the new ones have been installed.

All work has been completed in a safe manner.

The multicore cabling is Complete, along with the removal of the old switchgear, structures and foundations.

The civil engineers had the site from 16/11/09 – 25/01/10 to lay the foundations for the new 132kV switchgear that SES Ltd. installed and commissioned.

SES's Scope of work is now complete, but still provide a presence on site to assist the customer in finalising the installation actions. Despite testing conditions, the project was delivered in line the the customers expectations and consequently Substation Engineering Services where awarded the Ludlow Project with the same customer. (See Ludlow Project)

Client Feedback

The site had undergone 2 audits, (one from Atkins, the other from Central Networks) and SES Ltd achieved 96 – 98% in both.
(Darron Harwood SES Ltd Site Manager)