SES Suppliers

We make it our priority to ensure that our excellent reputation for efficiency, safety and quality is extended to reflect the work of our subcontractors and suppliers

SES Relationships

All SES Ltd suppliers and subcontractors are vigorously vetted before being placed onto our approved supplier database. This ensures that our high standards are retained and mirrored by our suppliers and subcontractors.

Continual supplier monitoring is enforced, with any supplier or subcontractor discrepancies being recorded and acted upon.

Our Supplier Approval process consists of three levels:

Level 1: Suppliers of low risk proprietary items.
Level 2: Suppliers / subcontractors who undertake low risk work. Typically this is work that is not covered by the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations.
Level 3: Design consultants or companies / contractors undertaking work on our construction sites that is of a medium to high risk nature. Typically this work falls within the remit of the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations.

Please see our Supplier and Subcontractor Control Policy for further details.