National Grid Congratulate SES

March, 2010 Legacy Substation, A national grid Site

Substation Engineering Services have been congratulated by National Grid’s UK Construction director for their part in helping Siemens plc to achieve 12 months with zero RIDDOR reportable injuries.

Neil Tilson, Operations Manager, Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd stated that “Siemens and National Grid are suitably impressed by this achievement, and thanked the SES Ltd team for their support and input in achieving 12 months with zero RIDDOR reportable accidents”.

Mr Tilson’s comments were cascaded from National Grid’s UK Construction Director who quoted “I place huge emphasis on us continually driving improvements in our safety performance in all sectors of the business, well done and stay safe”

During our 6 years of trading SES Ltd has had a close working relationship with Siemens. During 2009 SES provided services on more than 10 Siemens projects. 2010 will see the SES and Siemens Partnership continue with forth coming projects across the UK.

We look forward to strengthening our relationship during the coming years.