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    Hartmoor & Hartlepool 275kV Substations
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    National Grid

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Project Description

Hartmoor 275kV & Hartlepool 275kV Substations –

The main scope of work covers the installation and commissioning of a new SCS (Substation Control System) at Hartmoor and a NICAP (National Integrated control and protection) Protection change on both sites. This is part of National Grid’s long-term asset refurbishment plan to upgrade substation automation systems that are nearing the end of their service life with the latest technology.

• Installation of New GPS Antennas and receivers. New X21 Units and communication Fibre optics.
• Installation and expansion of cable ladder racking.
• The addition of 2 new protection panels along with installation of equipment in existing protection and signalling cubicles.
• Removal of redundant equipment, including;
o 20 off protection panels over both sites.
o Various protection, trip and auxiliary relays.
• Installation, Termination and Glanding of multicore cable, circa10km.
• Installation and testing of fibre optic cables and associated equipment.
• Commissioning engineers to commission all new equipment installed on the substations.

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