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    Drax 400kV Substation
    Eggbrough 400kV Substation
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    National Grid

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Project Description

Eggborough Power Station

DRAX 400kV & EGGBROUGH 400kV Substations

• Installation of NICAP Protection Panels / Multicore / GPS Antenna.
• Removal of redundant protection, control panels and associated items.
• Removal of primary line traps and coupling equipment 2 off on each site.
• Installation and connection of CVT High Frequency Earthing connection with new earth rods at both sites.
• Installation and testing of Fibre optics, over 1.4kM of cable installed over both sides.
• TP141 authorised Commissioning Engineer to carry out the commissioning of the NICAP protection.

Project Highlights

The Drax—Eggborough cct2 NICAP works was successfully completed on time and the circuit returned to service on Friday 25th June 2010.
Like all NICAP works we encountered a few curved balls but with strength and commitment the Project Team rose to the challenge. Drax—Eggborough had a higher profile than normal due to its short lead and performance markers.
Based on the performance of the Team throughout the Project’s lifecycle we could not have asked for a better demonstration of why SES, should be awarded and deliver future NICAP Projects

The work was completed on time and in a safe and efficient manner by all parties concerned and the project was followed at all times—Well done Team.

Client Feedback

“All the SES Project team displayed excellent commitment and dedication to ensuring the works were both completed on time and to a high standard. The site staff and commissioning team deserve particular recognition for their efforts in delivering the work in a timely and first class fashion.” – John Benson, Siemens Senior Project Engineer

“All Parties within National Grid have commented on how the site team delivered the work. Particularly the timely completion of the work, without any outstanding items or snags and their total commitment, helpfulness and dedication” – National Grid