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    South West Alliance
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    Taunton 400kV Substation
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    National Grid

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Project Description

Taunton 400kV Substation – Main scope of work is Circuit Breaker Replacement.
This includes Safe and planned off-loading and transport of the Circuit Breaker, CTs & CVTs within the substation boundary.

Substation Engineering Services will also Dismantle, Remove and Dispose of the old 400kV AT4ML Air Blast Circuit Breaker and support structures, including the marshalling Kiosk along with a set of CTs & CVTs and associated structures and connectors, a set of air pipe work.

Installation of the new 400kV Circuit breaker and local marshalling Kiosk
• Installation of 3 x 400kV Cuttent transformers (CTs)
• Installation of 3 x 400kV Capacitor Voltage transformers (CVTs)
• Installation of Busbars, Clamps and Fixings
• Multicore cabling installed, terminated and Glanded with traywork included where required.
• Above and Below ground Earthing and the CVTs High Frequency Earthing.
• SES Ltd. Is Providing TP141 authorised Commissioning Engineers to carry out the commissioning on the new circuit breaker and protection equipment.

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