Installation, Commissioning & Site Management Works

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    Rugeley 400kV Substation
    Ironbridge 400kV Substation
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    National Grid

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  • Installation

  • Site Management

  • Commissioning

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  • Health & Safety


Project Description

A Crane and MEWP at Ironbridge

• Installation of NICAP Protection Panels / Multicore / GPS Antenna
• Removal of redundant protection, control panels and associated items
• Removal of primary line traps and coupling equipment
• Installation of High Frequency Earthing, ground survey and drilling required due to unfavourable ground conditions.
• Installation and testing of Fibre optics, 710m of cable installed over both sides
• Commissioning of the NICAP protection
• Co-ordinated site activities with ABB, National Grid & Pectel (Asbestos removal specialists)

The following services where also Provided;

TP141 - Authorised Senior Commissioning Engineer
TP144 - Authorised Site Manager
A Crane Appointed Person
Fiber optic Installation Team
A Diamond Drilling Team

Project Highlights

• Line Traps have been successfully removed from both sites without incidents.
• Progress was always ahead of schedule.
• Both sites ran very smoothly without incident.
• The circuit was returned to service on time, in line with the programme.
• Additional drilling for the HF installation managed seamlessly.
• Positive customer feedback and satisfaction was received

Client Feedback

"The Job was well delivered by SES.Ltd" - Krishna Padmanabhan, Lead Project Manager, ABB