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    Longannet Power Station
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    Scottish Power

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Project Description

The Three Transformers behind an SES Van

Longannet Power Station is located near to Kincardine Bridge, in Fife. SES have been awarded a project for Power Systems Partners to install three transformers into storage

All three of the transformers are water cooled, the biggest of the three is a 690MVA monster with a 13,530 Amp 17kV secondary winding with the primary being 275kV and 1400 Amps. The two “little transformers” are petite in comparison and rated at 150MVA with a 5,400 Amp 16kV secondary winding and 310 Amp 278KV primary winding.

Project Highlights

The three transformers were built and tested in a three week period with all the extreme weather conditions in Scotland has to offer in February.

The customer, SMIT and the end client, Scottish Power were extremely please by the performance of SES and they look forward to welcoming us back to do the installation into service next year.

Client Feedback

“The build of the Longannet and Cruachan generator Transformers into storage has gone extremely well. SES have worked well in conjunction with the SMIT supervisor, maintaining a high quality of work.

The build of the three transformers went ahead of programme and with no technical or H&S issues. I would recommend SES for carrying out future work on site or for use at other locations”
Ross Galbraith - Longannet Technical Risk Engineer HVE